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We've all been in this situation: planning a weekend camping adventure months in advance and crossing our fingers that the weather will be on our side. After several "refreshes" of the meteomedia page, the weather forecast looks pretty nasty. Camping in the rain unpleasant? Not necessarily! With a little preparation, we can make these weekends in a tent just as memorable, and be less suspenseful about perfect weather! 


Rope and tarpaulin

Back to basics: a good tarpaulin and rope are essential! If you don't have anything to put under your tent (something akin to a canvas or tarpaulin, made to be laid out under the tent), a second tarpaulin will be relevant to make sure the wet ground doesn't get directly under your mattress. The other tarpaulin will be used to: build a shelter! The size of this will depend on the terrain and your needs. At the very least: covering the picnic table for cooking and eating outside is ideal (a dry area for playing Skip-Bo, perfect for rainy evenings). 

Tarpaulins generally have four holes in the corners to facilitate the passage of ropes and to tighten the ends: make sure you have a grommet of some kind in the corners when you buy your tarpaulin. If you've taken the long trekking course or the survival course (there's one of each this autumn, so it's good timing), you'll be familiar with the tension knot (youtube video)... if not, youtube will do the job until you can attend. 


Cards, books and board games 

Some activities are even more pleasant and magical in the rain: have you ever tried swimming in a lake? If you're used to filling every minute of your travels with more intense sports and activities that wet weather can make more dangerous, taking a few moments to read or listen to a podcast can really do some good (that's the book that's had the same first 20 pages read for years!). 

Cards: a small volume full of potential. Regular card games, UNO, Skip-Bo, to find and keep alive! If space isn't an issue, board games are a must. Catan, Les aventuriers du rail, 7 wonders: hours of fun, not to mention the classics: Scattegories, Cranium or Monopoly! 

For solo stays, podcasts and a puzzle (when do you take the time to do that?) are worth considering. With children: coloring, paint-by-number, often a winner. 


Rain coat and pants

Two items are really essential! The multi-layer is back: keeping dry in spite of the rain even makes you appreciate wet, grey weather.


Waterproof boots or shoes

We lose heat through our extremities, especially if they're wet. A good pair of waterproof shoes or boots is a lifelong investment to avoid frozen, wet feet. A pair of breathable sports socks or merino socks will be a nice addition for a perfect duo. Don't skimp on pairs of socks, so you always have a dry one at bedtime.  


Be sure to stock up on snacks, nibbles, aperitif equipment (we understand each other) to embellish your moments in the rain. Eating the things you love, and sharing them with others, makes every moment more beautiful, no matter what's thrown at you.

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