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Packing all your stuff at the end of the week to go on an adventure is always pretty exciting, especially when it's for a weekend of mountain biking. The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel Bag is a CHOICE organizational tool, especially for those who find themselves on two wheels on the weekend.

What we like about this duffel are the pockets and all the compartmentalized cells where we can find our jersey or our rolled up bib very easily. No more need to search and empty our whole bag to find our pair of gloves because each item will be visible as soon as you open your bag.

If during the season, you lose the protective case for your glasses, a pocket is dedicated to this purpose! Lined with a soft fabric to protect your glasses from scratches, we like it. There's also a helmet-specific section in the main pocket that will keep your helmet from getting damaged while carrying the shoulder bag.

Cycling shoes can get pretty smelly after a long day. They will be kept away from your freshly washed jerseys and stored in their designated pocket, made of an easy to wash canvas fabric.

At the end of the day, the canvas pouch is the perfect place to put your soiled clothes.

Finally, the front organization pocket is the perfect place to store your snack supplies and repair tools with easy access. This pocket makes it easier to find small items that tend to get lost rather than looking in the main pocket. There is also a small wallet-sized front pocket, the perfect place to store an ID.

The 55L Duffel is the perfect size for a 3 to 5 day bike weekend as it will hold all your clothes and gear (clean and dirty).

If you're like us and a bit of a "life" kind of person when you go away for the weekend, you'll be well served. Pack, zip and sling: the RoundTrip Bike Duffel from Thule makes it easy to find everything you need for weekend adventures.

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