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Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?

A: A little girl, Ollie 2 years old. 

Q: Your most memorable family adventure/vacation (positive or negative) and why?

A : My friend, Jean-Sébastien is a former BMX elite. In the last 2 years, he got back to his passion, and he wanted to start racing again. One Thursday night in July, he told me: "there is a race in La Tuque this weekend, I want to do something crazy and go there!

Since that famous weekend in La Tuque (3h30 drive, which took us 6 with a 9 month old baby), we've been riding from one BMX track to another across Quebec and camping in our tent almost every weekend of the summer to participate in the Quebec Cup races. 

I realized that this sport allowed us to be with our family, to be outside, to meet a lot of nice people, to be able to practice a sport that I love (because yes, I got a BMX and I practice this sport now). It also allows us to keep a certain proximity to take care of our child in turn, and to practice a sport that is also accessible to Ollie, who is starting to be more and more skilled on her bike, and who will be able to race in turn this summer, if she wants to. The whole family on 2 wheels! 

Q: The moment you felt most proud of as a mother?

A: Every time I see her discovering, succeeding in something new and when I see her smiling and happy, it makes me more than proud and so grateful to be a mom! 

Q: The biggest challenge you've faced as a mother?

A: My biggest challenge this year has been to start taking time for myself again.

With motherhood, going back to work, having no close family to help and other little life issues, my motivation was gone, I had lost myself a little as a woman. It's not always easy to think about yourself in the daily routine where I thought I had no time. But you have to take it. One outing at a time, a little solo hour, or a little dinner with friends here and there, I've been able to slowly find myself and get back to what I used to like to do... I've taken out my cross-country skis again, I've started crocheting again, and I'm planning to enjoy my mountain bike a little more this summer. It feels good!

Q: Your dream family adventure/vacation?

A: In the next year, we would like to go race in Western Canada for the Canadian Championship or in the United States for the World BMX RV Championship. 

Q: Your best superpower as a mother?

A: My organization and my to-do list!

Q: What's your snack of choice for you and your kids in adventure mode?

A: Stewed fruit, homemade or store-bought bars, fruits, vegetables, crackers, anything that brings well.

Q: Your ideal day outside?

A: I like to have days where we take advantage of what we have here at home, have fun outside, garden, walk in our little forest... Otherwise, plan a little morning (be back for a nap!) and go for a hike or ride the wagon on the little train of the North, stop at the beach for a snack and play in the sand, or go have a little ice cream. And, in the winter, I love to go skating, sliding or skiing and come home to a warm cup of milk by the fire!

Q: The 3 things you can't live without for an outdoor adventure with your kids?

A: Snacks/water, change of clothes, thule cart for travel or for a good nap when baby is burned! 

Q: What's your best advice for other birth mothers?

A: Trust yourself and don't ask too much of yourself. Give yourself time even if it is not always obvious. Follow your rhythm and that of your child. One day at a time, motherhood is full of challenges and it's not always easy to find yourself in this universe, but it's still the most beautiful thing to be able to help a little human being discover the world! 

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