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Mother Nature, presented by The North Face is a web series created with our friends at Beauvoir and is available right here.

News from Romy, whom you met in our first episode of Mothers Nature and who is now a mother of two.

Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?

A : Félixe almost 2 years old, Cléo 5 months

Q: Your most memorable family adventure/vacation (positive or negative) and why?

A: A short road trip to the sea with baby Cleo before selling our van. As there is only room for three people, we left Felix with her grandparents. We had the feeling to live a weekend in love even if we were with Cléo. Because it's by having two children that we realized how easy it is to have only one haha!

Q: The moment you felt most proud of as a mother?

A: It happens to me often and spontaneously! It's a feeling that arrives without warning and then leaves immediately. A bit like a wave.

Q: The biggest challenge you've faced as a mother?

A: My daughters' health. I am unmanageable when a little boo-boo comes into the house and I worry about nothing. My challenge is to stay calm, present for her and learn to control my worry. If I don't, I can only harm them!

Q: Your dream family adventure/vacation?

A: I dream of the time when we will ski all four at the same time!

Q: Your best superpower as a mother?

A: Intuition... Sometimes it's like witchcraft!

Q: What's your snack of choice for you and your kids in adventure mode?

A: Chocolate chip muffins = win

Q: Your ideal day outside?

A : 22 degrees, sun with cloudy periods, a little breeze.

Q: The 3 things you can't live without for an outdoor adventure with your kids?

A: In the summer, hat, sunscreen and a snack! In winter, mittens (which are not easily removed), sunscreen and a snack!

Q: What's your best advice for other birth mothers?

A: Do not judge.

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