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Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?

A: I now have a little fellow, Loris, 5 and a half months old. He's my first child.

Q: Your most memorable family adventure/vacation (positive or negative) and why?

A: We had a great trip recently with several friends who also have children. We went to the beach to enjoy the warm weather and parental leave. The vacation turned out to be exactly what I had in mind for my maternity leave; to be by the sea, warm, breastfeeding and living to the rhythm of my baby's naps and feeds. It wasn't complicated, and there wasn't too much adventure on the schedule (but some). We made the most of our time as a family, and what's more, we were with a gang of friends who made the trip even more memorable. 

Q: The moment you felt most proud of as a mother?

A: I went camping with Loris when he was 4 months old. I was so looking forward to giving him his first night in a tent, even though it was forecasted to be 5 degrees at night. He stayed warm and slept really well. It reminded me of my mother telling me that my first time camping was when I was 3 months old. I tell myself that if I can instill the outdoors in my son as my parents passed on their passion for nature, I can be very proud of my role as a mom. 

Q: The biggest challenge you've faced as a mother?

A: My biggest challenge, not because I've achieved it but because I've managed to accept it, is not to pressure myself about what can be done with a baby. To accept that walking and hiking are now part of my daily activities. Accepting that I can ride my bike alone because I've found the right time and no one else is available. To accept a shorter outing only to have to return between two feeds. It's a whole new mental challenge, rather than a physical one, that I've had to make this journey when I became a mother. 

Q: Your dream family adventure/vacation?

A: I'm really looking forward to our adventures as 3 and especially to getting back to sports with my boyfriend. Because let's face it, we take turns now when it comes to sports. I'm dreaming of our next van adventure, the 3 of us, but I'm especially dreaming of the time when we'll all be able to go cycling and share these moments together. 

Q: Your best superpower as a mother?

A: Being zen with my baby. Since Loris was born, my boyfriend and I have been dragging our little boy everywhere, much as we did before. We're adapting, of course, but I think my/our zenitude helps Loris adapt so easily to all new environments and experiences.

Q: What's your snack of choice for you and your kids in adventure mode?

A: I'm so happy to have the privilege of breastfeeding our boy. It's the easiest snack to drag along and is almost inexhaustible for my little Lolo 😆. Honestly it makes feeding him so much easier and more efficient when we're out and about. For me, a bottle of water and a mix of nuts is my snack of choice, whether I'm at home or out and about!

Q: Your ideal day outside?

A: My ideal day is spent with my boyfriend, family or a gang of friends (and the kids), drinking coffee to get the day off to a good start. Then off on an adventure, tripping, chatting, pushing yourself physically a bit. Then get together with everyone else for an "après" ride or dinner, and continue to talk about our finest moments as if we never wanted the day to end. If I can continue to do this for myself and my child, I think I'll be even more fulfilled, because it's a real treat for me. 

Q: The 3 things you can't live without for an outdoor adventure with your kids?

A: 1. ergobaby carrier, ergobaby carrier and ergobaby carrier. Seriously, we've been dragging him around since he was 2 weeks old! He can be awake or asleep, and it's super compact and comfortable.

Q: What's your best advice for other birth mothers?

A: Not to have any expectations about what you can achieve with a baby. Especially in the early days. It's hard to get passed second sometimes, but it's even harder if you expect to be back in business as soon as the pregnancy is over. NOT haha. So without expectations, there's no disappointment, and there are more small victories.

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