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Touring Skin Mitts | Picway x Les Chèvres

47.00 CAD


A wonderful collaboration with our friends at Picway. The beautiful design was created by our favorite graphic artist Alice Fleury. Improve the speed of your transitions with these skin mittens: finiiii those unstuck skins at the top of the mountain. A must-have for a day with as many descents as possible! With a pair of Picway bags, you can store your skins in your bag without having to place them glue to glue. To use, fold your skins in half, synthetic side against synthetic side, and slide the bag over them. So simple, and so quick when the time comes to put your skins back on and reassemble! See you on the mountain Chèvres!

Technical details

Set of two mittens (one for each skin).
Québec-made and designed.
Machine washable, tumble dry.


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