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Hey moms! Looking for a fun activity for the whole family during the transition period between winter and summer? I have the solution for you: Pumptrack!

In April, we celebrated my daughter Philomène's birthday, and we decided to be adventurous as a family for the occasion. With my partner, we picked up our children, Philomène (5 years old) and Auguste (2 years old), as a surprise at the daycare. We jumped in the car, heading to Coaticook for a day of cycling at the Pumptrack.

As for the equipment, we, the parents, only had our helmets. We are not professionals, but we manage. Philomène, on the other hand, had her full-face helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves. It was her first try with the "fullface" and this equipment did not encumber her. On the other hand, Auguste is still in the discovery phase of the bike. He is currently riding a run bike, so he wears rigid elbow and knee protectors and gloves. It saved their pretty little skin on several occasions.

When we arrived at the Pumptrack, it was time for an hour of bike whirling. The kids rode in circles without stopping, chasing each other or discovering their own line. And we, the parents, were swapping laps on our hardtail to accompany the little ones. We were right to equip them with protection because the falls hurt!

After a while, we took a break to eat around the track. We had packed the small barbecue to make hot dogs, it was too good! And then we went back for a few laps, but the kids were getting tired on their bikes. So we put our equipment away and left for the next part of our Coaticook ritual: stopping at the "Laiterie Coaticook" to enjoy a well-deserved ice cream.

The Pumptrack in Coaticook is the perfect activity to take your mind off things and prepare for the mountain biking season. We spent an incredible end of the day with our family and returned home happy and exhausted. Go discover the pumptracks in your area with your family, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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