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Summer is just around the corner and you're wondering what to pack in your daypack?

Whether you're going hiking, canoeing or any other outdoor activity, here's a short list of essentials to have in your bag!

1. Water

Have you taken note of the water sources you'll come across during the day? Will you need to treat it before drinking it? What's the weather forecast? Will it be very hot? Bring one or more bottles of water accordingly.

2. Snacks

Protein bars, compotes, little jujubes... In short, everything you need to boost your energy. What's more, maybe you'll need some dinner?

3. A means of communication

How will you be able to communicate in an emergency? Check telephone coverage where you're going. Territory managers (SEPAQ, Park Canada or others) can help answer your questions.

4. A complete first-aid kit

What could happen during your day? Where's the nearest emergency help? You can adapt your kit according to the services available locally. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, taking a remote first-aid course will help you feel more at ease if something happens.

5. Extra clothing

Take a good look at the weather forecast before you set off to ensure you don't get caught by colder or windier weather. Whether it's a small insulated coat, toque or buff, they'll all come in handy during your outing.

6. Waterproof clothing

To avoid feeling damp and failing to keep warm, bring along some good waterproof clothing. Before you leave, take the time to check the effectiveness and quality of your waterproof gear. If necessary, treat them with specialized products such as Nikwax. And don't underestimate your waterproof pants! Those with a zipper on the side of the legs allow you to put them on without removing your boots. There's nothing like staying dry!

7. Sun protection

Protect yourself from the sun. A hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen are summer essentials. Sometimes, like on the water or when shade is hard to find, long clothing is a good way to protect yourself from sunburn.

8. Headlamp

We know our departure time, but never our arrival time! You always have to be prepared to stay out longer than planned. A headlamp is therefore a must-have in your bag.

9. Emergency necklace: lighter, whistle and knife

Put a lighter, whistle and knife on a small rope or carabiner. This is your emergency necklace. The lighter lets you light a fire if necessary. The whistle allows you to attract attention if you need help. The knife is a versatile and relevant tool to have with you.

10. A repair kit adapted to the activity

What piece of equipment could break? Imagine if your walking poles crack, or if someone stepped on your rucksack strap and it broke. How could you repair them? Ask yourself this question for the activity you want to do and see what you can bring along that would help you make quick repairs, whether it's adhesive, ski straps, zip-ties, a multi-tool or an extra pole basket. Let your imagination run wild without overloading your bag!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Louise Chetaille

Professional adventure guide

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