Guide Tips - Preparing Your Camping Equipment for the Summer Season

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With the camping season approaching, it's time to take a look at your gear to make sure everything is ready for the next adventure!


- Clean your equipment to maximize its life and use it to its full potential longer.

- Tent, boots, technical clothing, find out how to maintain them and the products to do so on the Nikwax website 

- Wash your bottles well to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. A 1 to 10 mixture (1 bleach to 10 water) is sufficient. Scrub the inside with a brush and don't forget the neck! Use the same recipe for your hydration bag and don't forget to wash the hose.


- Check the zippers, if one seems to catch, use an old toothbrush to brush away sand or other particles that may be blocking the slider. You can also lightly rub an odorless soap bar on the zipper notches to allow for a smoother slide.

- Check the screens to repair any snags. You can simply sew small tears with a fine thread. You can purchase a self-adhesive screen patch from outdoor specialty stores if needed.


- Re-inventory your kits

- Check the expiration dates and make sure your kits are appropriate for your activities, the duration of your activities and the number of people you need to serve.

- For the repair kit, ask yourself these questions: What equipment could break that would require me to turn back? What do I need to have to fix such a breakage? What do I need to have as a part to replace a breakage that cannot be repaired?

- For your first aid kit, evaluate the type of injury that is possible for the activity you will be using it for (e.g., mountain biking injuries are much different than hiking injuries). Make sure the inventory will treat the injuries you are considering. If you are unsure of what to include in your kit, sign up for one of our Wilderness First Aid courses!


- Consider washing or rewashing all of your kitchen equipment so that it is clean for the next adventure.

- Check your stove, make sure it's working and if you have a naphtha stove, it's a good idea to clean it before you use it again and lubricate the pump well.

- Check your water filter to make sure it hasn't become moldy from improper winter storage and that it is still working properly.

- Sharpen your kitchen knives


- Update your navigation and map applications

- Play seamstress with your clothes and make sure you fix all the little holes. You can also simply apply a technical garment patch

- If your walking poles have an adjustment screw, make sure that it fits properly

- You can wash your backpack and waterproof your "bag cover" using Nikwax

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events this summer! 

Renée-Claude Bastien

Professional adventure guide

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