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After a great day of hiking, you return to camp and feel pain in the back of your heel. Unfortunately, a blister the size of a pea has appeared! The question arises: "Should I puncture it?

It's important to remember that the fluid (serum) in the blister is full of elements that will help it heal. So, ideally, when you arrive at camp and notice the wound, let the body do its job. To do this, simply protect the blister so that it doesn't burst on its own, and reassess the next day.


- Hypafix (adhesive bandage, available over the counter in pharmacies, sold by the metre)

- Moleskin (cushioned bandage)

-2nd Skin (gel dressing)

- Needle

- Alternatives not designed for this purpose should be avoided. Ex: Duct tape - Glues can irritate the skin.

SCENARIO 1 - The blister has reabsorbed (no more liquid inside)

Simply protect the affected area withHypafix. It's important to take the time to round off the corners of the bandage to avoid it catching on your socks. You can leave it on the skin until the end of the hike, or if you feel the pain starting to increase again, check the area again.

SCENARIO 2 - The blister has not reabsorbed (full of liquid)

Time to pierce! It's important to pierce the bulb as a precautionary measure to prevent it from piercing inside the boot on its own.

The steps :

1. Clean your hands and put on first-aid gloves;

2. Clean the skin with an alcohol swab (note: only use an alcohol swab if wound integrity is present, not if there is an open wound / perforated skin nearby);

3. Clean the needle with the alcohol swab;

4. Pierce a small hole in the lower part of the ampoule and press lightly on it to empty the lymph inside;

5. Apply a 2nd Skin burn gel dressing to the blister;

6. Apply a Moleskin-style dressing covering more than the blister area;

7. Cover withHypafix (round off corners)


- If the bulb starts to heat up, STOP, see what's going on and assess what treatment is needed.

- Protect friction points withHypafix (even before a blister starts to form, apply Hypafix directly to the area that is starting to irritate).


If you're interested in first aid, consider enrolling in one of our Remote First Aid courses. These will be offered this fall.

Enjoy the hike!

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